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Free, un-copyrighted NDA and employment contracts

Posted by Troy Davis on

Papertrail’s staff grew in 2013, and as part of hiring employees, the company obtained employment agreements. These are fairly standard contracts that all technology companies use. If you’ve worked in the technology field, you’ve probably signed one.

We wanted to go a bit further, though. We got tired of not having easy-to-understand contracts and we want to start collaborating on something better. All stakeholders should be able to easily review, see changes to, discuss, and hopefully, edit and improve them.

Our stakeholders use git and Markdown. That’s why Papertrail’s employment agreement and NDA contract templates are now available on GitHub. They’re free and completely unencumbered under the Creative Commons Zero license.

Important: as the README states, Papertrail does not warrant that these
are suitable for any purpose. These do not replace an attorney. Any use of these contracts is at your own risk and should be under the guidance of your own legal advisor.

Our goals:

  • make each party’s expectations obvious
  • improve the contracts over time. Not only are these contracts not set in stone, we fully expect them to change. Idea? Submit a pull request or issue.
  • provide other companies with a head start on, and chance to see the topics and changes which come up in, these agreements.

Fork, edit, and enjoy!