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Welcoming Ryan Heath to Papertrail

Posted by Troy Davis on

It started with an email through Flickr way back in

  1. Papertrail’s co-founder, Eric Lindvall, saw a portfolio which
    caught his eye. Eric sent an unsolicited message to the designer, Ryan
    Heath, using the only method that Eric could find — Flickr. After a few
    interactions, Ryan began collaborating with the team, and a step that’s felt
    inevitable has finally happened: we’re thrilled to officially
    welcome Ryan Heath as Papertrail’s UI caretaker.

Ryan has had a hand in Papertrail’s design since day one, but was always
limited by his day job, so we offered him a new one 🙂

Until recently, Ryan provided design and Web development consulting, contributing to dozens of sites, Web services, and mobile apps. While client work intrigues him, solving UI/UX problems through product design is his true passion.

As Eric’s reaction to his design work shows, he’s an incredibly talented designer. Ryan also has a few (computer, electrical, software) engineering
degrees, and that engineering background helps him understand the problems that Papertrail’s customers use Papertrail to solve. If “Design engineer” was a title, Ryan would have it.

Ryan resides in Morgantown, WV with his wife and two kids. His home
office houses, among other things, a plethora of design books, a poster of Don Draper,  a printmaker’s desk lamp from the 1950s, a Herman Miller chair, and the infamous contour bottle from Coca-Cola. He’s a collector of objects, to say the least. He enjoys thoughtful design, photography, and golf.

We’ve been fortunate to work with Ryan for years now, and we’re even more excited that he’s joining the team on a full-time basis.