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Temporarily Mute Log Senders

Posted by Larry Marburger on

Papertrail now has a way to stop processing logs from a sender. A sender can be muted for an hour during maintenance or to run a load test.

This augments the filtering improvements released last week.


In the middle of an incident, planned or unplanned, it’s important to have quality logs. A down database, misconfigured logger, or running a load test could all produce a flood of useless log messages. If it’s a database that’s down for maintenance, being overwhelmed with connection errors from web servers is unhelpful. Not only are these errors pure noise, they consume log data transfer without adding any value. Nobody benefits.

Mute the log sender before it pollutes your log repository with useless messages. Let Papertrail enable the sender after the chosen amount of time or come back and enable it manually.

This change is part of our broader effort to provide the logging flexibility you need to handle unexpected circumstances:

When you encounter ways which centralized control or filtering would make your logs more powerful, please let us know.