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How to Log Amazon Alexa Apps and Improve User Experience

Posted by Rj Pikus on

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and brain behind millions of devices including the Echo family of devices. It is capable of voice interaction, controlling smart devices, and performing common and basic mobile tasks such as music playback, making lists, and purchasing items. It is the interface for consumer automated home systems and an operating system for the Internet of Things. The majority of millennial consumers (71%) report using voice assistants daily, while 46% report interacting five times or more.

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Improve Live Ops for Games Using Papertrail

Posted by Jacob Schieck on

Live Ops is an ever-increasing practice in the gaming world. Games today often include multiplayer competition, events, the ability to trade items, and more. These require backend services and a platform team to set up and manage those services. They also require customer support to interact with players who experience issues and to make adjustments as needed. All these pieces need to be working flawlessly to deliver a good experience and retain players whom you worked hard to get.

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Secure Your App: Monitor Intrusions with Papertrail

Posted by Bryan Bird on

In today’s world, malware and vulnerabilities are a growing threat that can impact any network from small to large. These threats can expose personal data, compromise financial account details, hold critical data for ransom, or destroy data entirely. It is important to understand what vulnerabilities might exist within your environment, and what you can do not only to mitigate risk, but react to an active attack in progress.

This article will show you how to monitor your network traffic and react to an active intrusion with SolarWinds® Papertrail™.

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Monitoring Android Apps Using SolarWinds Cloud Monitoring Tools

Posted by Jason Skowronski on

There are millions of Android applications already available on the app store, with thousands more being launched every month. Unlike desktop programmers, however, Android app developers may face many challenges, such as slow internet speeds, small screens, and a keyboard.

If an app doesn’t perform well, there is nothing to stop a user from uninstalling the app and moving on. To prevent this, you must be aware of ongoing issues with the application and any backend service integrations. We’ll show you how to monitor and troubleshoot Android application issues using the SolarWinds cloud monitoring tools, including PapertrailTM for cloud-based log management and Pingdom® for uptime monitoring.

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How To Troubleshoot HTTP Errors With SolarWinds Cloud Monitoring Tools

Posted by Jason Skowronski on

If your company operates its own website or web application, your operations team is likely dreading the moment error rates spike, or, worse, for the site to go down completely. HTTP errors can be incredibly disruptive for your business because they prevent customers from making purchases or using your product. This immediately impacts revenue and can also lead to a loss of trust. At worse, customers may end up switching to competing services or become critical on social media.

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Introduction To Logging In Ruby On Rails

Posted by Jason Skowronski on

It’s easy to recognize problems in Ruby on Rails, but finding each problem’s
source can be a challenging task. A problem due to an unexpected event could result in hours of searching through log files and attempting to reproduce the issue. Poor logs will leave you searching, while a helpful log can assist you in finding the cause right away.

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Analyzing Heroku Router Logs with Papertrail

Posted by Jorge Orpinel on

What are some common problems that can be detected with the handy router logs on Heroku? We’ll explore them and show you how to address them easily and quickly with monitoring of Heroku from SolarWinds Papertrail.

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Papertrail for Python Logs

Posted by Greg Sandler on

When you’re troubleshooting a problem or tracking down a bug in Python, the first place to look for clues related to server issues is in the application log files.

Python includes a robust logging module in the standard library, which provides a flexible framework for emitting log messages. This module is widely used by various Python libraries and is an important reference point for most programmers when it comes to logging.

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