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The revolution will be verbosely {,b}logged

Hello cron job monitoring & alerts, goodbye silent failures

Posted by Cory Duncan on

Papertrail has had the ability to alert on searches that match events for years, but what about when they don’t? When a cron job, backup, or other recurring job doesn’t run, it’s not easy to notice the absence of an expected message. But now, Papertrail can do the noticing for you. Today we’re excited to release inactivity alerts, offering the ability to alert when searches don’t match events.

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Use Zapier to send logs anywhere

Posted by Alexis Grant on

Papertrail’s search alerts are great, but what happens when you need a specialized integration, or want to grab something other than raw messages and counts – like particular fields from a message, or data to analyze later?

Now, you can invoke a Zapier action using a webhook trigger, which can then perform any desired action in Zapier. This example Zap setup sends data on printer service behavior to a Google Sheet for later analysis.

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Improved Log and Account Access Permissions

Posted by Ryan Heath on

Starting today, it’s possible to grant a user access to logs from certain senders/groups (within the same Papertrail organization). Additionally, we’ve added specific permissions for managing users, changing plans, and purging logs.

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Log Destination IP will change December 20

Posted by Papertrail Team on


Update: The new DNS records are now active.

The DNS records for Papertrail’s first four log destinations (,,, and will change on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. The new IP addresses will be in the CIDR block

Important: Papertrail will continue accepting log messages sent to the old IPs.

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Event Viewer Display Options

Posted by Cory Duncan on

Papertrail’s event viewer displays the full text of your events including the timestamp, log sender, and program. Sometimes, one log element can get in the way of what you’re looking for.

We’ve added a new way to control how messages appear, as a link labeled “Options”:

Event Viewer Options

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