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New Account Usage Overview

Posted by Larry Marburger on

The new account usage page gives an overview of total log transfer
over the past month and the senders with the highest volume. Find it linked
from your account’s plan usage section.

Account Usage

Use these new graphs to see things about your usage that was previously
unavailable. For example:

  • Top senders: Spot the senders logging the most data. Jump to a
    high-volume sender’s logs to look for unused messages which can
    be filtered.
  • Changes in log rate: Did a recent deploy affect log output? Maybe a
    debug message slipped through to production or an entire sender has been silent today.
  • Unexpected senders: Perhaps a daily job logs a good deal ofunnecessary data. Unless someone is watching the events while the job runs, it’s possible no one would ever notice.

Along with log rate notifications, we hope you’re able to catch unnecessary logs quicker to trim noise and save money.