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Navigate Faster With the New Finder

Posted by Ryan Heath on

Summary: Navigate to any log view from anywhere by clicking the new icon in the upper left corner.

Finder Mag Icon

What changed?

The dashboard has always had a way to quickly find a specific saved search, group, or system:

Old Dashboard Search

But the reality is, you might not be on the dashboard when you want to find something. Well, as of today, you no longer have to be. There’s now a new search box at the top left of every page:


The same “Hit s and type” shortcut works as it always has on the dashboard, but is now accessible from anywhere within Papertrail.

Customers with only a few searches, groups, and senders don’t even need to type. Just click the icon or press the s shortcut to see all available log views:

Finder Small Accounts

Oh! And there’s a bonus: the new finder brought edit links along with it:

Finder Editing

Saving unnecessary clicks and page loads is important, especially when troubleshooting a problem. Every second counts. We hope this change makes finding what you need—and when you need it—much more efficient.

As always, let us know if you have questions or ideas for a better finder.