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Log Destination IP will change December 20

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Update: The new DNS records are now active.

The DNS records for Papertrail’s first four log destinations (logs.papertrailapp.com, logs2.papertrailapp.com, logs3.papertrailapp.com, and logs4.papertrailapp.com) will change on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. The new IP addresses will be in the CIDR block

Important: Papertrail will continue accepting log messages sent to the old IPs.

Does this affect me?

Probably not. Loggers will continue logging to the old IPs until they’re restarted, at which time a new DNS lookup will take place. However, if the network uses IP-based egress filtering, the egress filters will need to include the new addresses by Tuesday. (Very few networks filter outbound traffic in this way.)

What if we aren’t using DNS?

For any systems sending logs directly to an IP address, no action is needed. The log destinations will continue listening on the old IPs until further notice.


Please email support@papertrailapp.com if there’s anything we’ve missed.