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Announcing the Dashboard Finder: a better jumping-off point

Posted by Troy Davis on

We’re proud to announce the Dashboard Finder, which is now live on Papertrail’s Dashboard. Try it:


How it came to be

The Dashboard is where you’ll land after logging in to Papertrail. It shows groups, saved searches, and a subset of log senders. Until today it had two weaknesses:

  1. Navigating to resources not shown on the Dashboard took at least a second step. This was common with more than a few senders, when only a few were directly reachable from the Dashboard:image
  2. As more groups and saved searches were created, finding the best one required knowing what you want and where it is. For example, two groups and five searches could relate to the “Acme Anvil” product, and I may have only created one of them myself: image

Until today, the Dashboard needed a quick way to get anywhere and an easy way to see everything.

Announcing the Dashboard Finder

Over the last few months, we’ve been trying different ways to fill these gaps, using them ourselves, and iterating. Today we’re proud to unveil the Dashboard Finder:


Small in screen real estate, the Finder hides its power. Have an idea where you’re going? When you arrive at the Dashboard, hit the “s” key (or click in the text box) and type the name or a fragment of a saved search, group, or sender.


That’s it. The Dashboard Finder stays out of the way until you need it, then makes it easy to load any view in the event viewer.

The arrow keys work naturally. I can see and reach everything related to “Production” with a few keystrokes:


My fingers never leave the keyboard.

We hope the Dashboard Finder saves as much time for you as has for us. Like everything at Papertrail, we’re learning as we go, and we want your feedback. If you use the Finder in a way that it’s not perfect for, tell us. And if it works beautifully for you, tell us that too.